Service Times: 8:30 am & 10:30 am (2nd Service Nursery/ Children's Church provided)


She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25

There is a strength in EVERY woman. Here at The Church in The Pines we believe we are Kingdom women . We are the princess' of the True King. When we gather together to do life, the Spirit is among us. As we learn whose we are in Christ, that is when we shine. Whether you have short or long hair, manicured or dirty nails, stay at home with children, care for your husband, support a career, wear stretch pants or attend church regularly, we believe that our True identity comes from our Creator. We, as women of the Church, walk it out by faith, boldly standing up for the Truth to be stronger and our lives to shine brighter in our homes, community, and the world.

A Little Bit About Me

Since I was a young teenager, I knew that I was completely loved and accepted from God. Raised in a small town in Ohio,
I regularly attended an Apostolic church where I learned how to be a believer in Christ with the full understanding of God's love for me. Somewhere after becoming a young adult I mislead and convinced myself that I was missing out on what the world had to offer. Ambition for success and the drive to feel/be important, life left me with a gaping hole in my spirit and I had made life long decisions that only God and time could fix. BUT GOD! I remembered that God's Word has over 3,000 promises and I knew that anyone of them could restore in me what I thought I had lost. Since then, I haven't looked back,  I look forward to every new day, to see how God will mold me, to look more and more like the way he created me to be from the very beginning. My husband Mike and I are blessed to have two children. Gannon and Carleigh are an incredible addition to our family and a daily reminder of God's love for his children. I am a realtor by trade and have been in the industry for 16 yrs. My clients are a blessing designed by God and I am forever grateful for my occupation. Being head of the women's ministry for The Church in The Pines is another way for me to be able to love on people in our community.
 I know without a doubt that I love people like no other and its only because of God's love and example that he has given me.

encouraging life together

Boundaries Study

June 1st-July 13 2020
Do you have trouble saying no? Can you set limits and still be a loving person?  Are you in control of your life?  What are legitimate boundaries"? Do people take advantage of you? How do you answer someone who wants your time, love, energy and money?
Join Kassia and other women of the church to sort through these tough questions
Mondays 6:00 PM @ The Church

Coffee with Melissa

Join the lades of The Church as we do life together.
We laugh, we cry, we share,  go deep, and keep it light!
We meet every other Wednesday @ The Church 2:30Pm
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